Stadio Olimpico c

Stadio Olimpico

Viale dello Stadio Olimpico, Roma

Designed in 1927 as "Cypresses Stadium", it was born on draft by Enrico Del Debbio, only to be revived in 1937 by Luigi Moretti and used as a scenic backdrop of the games of the fascist period. Hosts since opening (1953) football matches, athletics and non-sporting events, such as concerts and stage performances. On the occasion of the World Championship Soccer, in 1990, incurred an almost complete renovation, with complete reconstruction of the Curves and the Tribune, covered by a flexible structure of steel and teflon, seeing grow its capacity to 82.922 seats, becoming the second bigger Stadium in Italy after Meazza, in Milan. Besides the already mentioned World Championship, it hosted some final of the European Championship (1980); four European Finals for clubs, two European Cups and two Champions League, and in 1973, the race's sole assignment of the Intercontinental Cup between Juventus and Independiente of Buenos Aires.


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