Ponte Sant'Angelo

Ponte Sant'Angelo, Roma

It was built in 134 by the Emperor Hadrian to connect the Tiber left bank to his Mausoleum. It was built of granite and covered with travertine and had three arches, which was accessed through ramps from the shore. The road had high pavements on the sides with travertine balustrades. In the sixth century, under Pope Gregory the Great, it took the name of St. Angel's Bridge, for St. Angel's Castle (Mausoleum of Hadrian originally). In 1535, Pope Clement VII took place at the entrance to the statues of St. Peter and Paul, who were later joined by other statues depicting the four evangelists and the patriarchs. In 1669, Pope Clement IX made building a new railing, designed by Bernini, on which were placed ten statues of angels carrying the instruments of the Passion.

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