Religious building

Chiesa del Rosario

Via Cristoforo Santanna Pittor, 12, Rende, (Cosenza)

It was erected in 1679 by brothers Raffaele and Giuseppe De Bartolo in Baroque and Rococo style. It presents a tripartite facade of tufa stone from Mendicino. The...


Palazzo Bucarelli - Museo Bilotti Sezione Ceramiche di Calabria

Via Timpa, 11, Rende, (Cosenza)

Current building is result of merging of various buildings by Antonio de Micheli, Neapolitan family in Cosenza in the late fourteenth century. After the earthquake...


Castello Normanno - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Bilotti

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 9, Rende, (Cosenza)

Norman Castle, or "Stone Giant," was built in 1095 on the orders of Bohemond of Hauteville. Particular morphology of the hill ensured natural defense, so the...

Point of interest

Centro Storico

Piazza degli Eroi, 7, Rende, (Cosenza)

Historic center of Rende is spread over a hill. The birth of the town is linked to the legend recorded by Dionysius of Halicarnassus, according to which Oenotrus,...


Museo del Presente

Via Nicolaj Lenin, Rende, (Cosenza)

The Museum of the Present, in addition to the temporary exhibit of works of modern and contemporary art, was founded as a point of excellence for the preparation of...

Religious building

Chiesa di Costantinopoli

Via XX Settembre, 8, Rende, (Cosenza)

Church of Constantinople was built around 1600, although its present appearance dates back to 1719. The facade is "hut" with a polychromatic window depicting Virgin...


Museo di Paleontologia

Ponte P. Bucci, cubo 14B, 43, Rende, (Cosenza)

The Museum of Paleontology of the University of Calabria is located on the sixth floor of the "Cube 14B". Is divided into a path that begins at the dawn of life...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore (Duomo)

Piazza Dante Alighieri, 6, Rende, (Cosenza)

St. Mary the Great's Church is located at the end of Corso Mazzini which connects it to Castle. Built in the twelfth century, Church has a Latin cross plant with...


Cinema Santa Chiara

Via R. de Bartolo, 27, Rende, (Cosenza)

This is the first movie house in province of Cosenza, the oldest of Calabria still in operation and the longest in assets, from 1925 to 1979 without interruption....


riMUSEUM - Museo per l'Ambiente

Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 1, Rende, (Cosenza)

The riMUSEUM of the University of Calabria is the only museum in Italy dedicated entirely to the issue of waste: this is not a museum in the traditional sense, but an...


MAON - Museo dell'Arte dell'Otto e Novecento

Via Raffaele de Bartolo, 1, Rende, (Cosenza)

MAON, Art Museum of Nineteenth and Twentieth century, was opened in 2004 by initiative of Art and Culture Centre "Antonio Capizzano". It is housed inside Vitali...


Museo Civico

Via Don G. Vercillo, Rende, (Cosenza)

Civic Museum is based at Zagarese Palace, former home of family related to traditional mining operations of licorice. The building still retains its original...