Museo di Storia della Farmacia e Biblioteca Rabainisia c

Museo di Storia della Farmacia e Biblioteca Rabainisia

Via Ravagnese Inferiore, 2, Reggio Calabria

The Museum has many ancient relics, including pottery, glassware, a mortar in fine bronze dated 1630, a distiller in glass, a cast iron press for citrus, a binder for the essences of bergamot 1800, a portable scale travel. There are many pharmacy jars tinted glass octagonal base, each bearing the cartouche with an indication of the extract that it contained, in addition to an extensive collection of bottles containing organic substances. The Rabainisia Library  has as first core the legacy of the collection belonging to the Dr. Penna, Dr. Giuseppina Gegnacorsi (pharmacist) and Dr. Domenico Bova (veterinary): 1.500 volumes related to drug and veterinary issues. More recent are the volumes recovered from the personal library of Dr. Aldo Penna (surgeon) and Dr. Vera (pharmacist).


The Library is open to the public on the first Tuesday of each month and the summer by appointment.

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