Luogo - Museum

Piccolo Museo S. Paolo

Where Via Reggio Campi, 4, Reggio Calabria

The Museum is located behind the Shrine of St. Paul (St. Paul to the Rotonda) and has a very rich and varied collection that includes paintings, tables, silverware, statues and above all an exceptional collection of icons. Founder of the small museum was Mons. Gangemi, cultured priest, author of publications, plays, connoisseur of ancient Greek and Latin. He wanted the foundation for all his work of research could remain to the city. He died poor and kept it, until the last, the simplicity in costumes that only special people have. Among the many works preserved, are worthy of special attention a "San Michele", attribute to Antonello da Messina, a "Madonna and Child" by Cima da Conegliano, a sketch by Raphael, Filippo Juvarra and agents, among many icons of the "Madonna and S. Gerasimos", most likely from Calabria.

Piccolo Museo S. Paolo c
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