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Pinacoteca Civica

Where Via Fata Morgana, 13, Reggio Calabria

The Art Gallery of Reggio Calabria is based at the Theater "Francesco Cilea". Exhibits paintings of particular importance, among which the tablets painted by Antonello da Messina, the works of Mattia Preti, Giuseppe Benassai and Renato Guttuso. A section is dedicated to marble busts sculpture and classical sculptures. Born to expose the collections owned by the City and offices scattered in other museums, the Art Gallery was opened in 2008, on the restoration project and construction by Prof. Fabio Mariano. Among the works from the National Museum there are two paintings on wood ("St. Jerome in Penitence" and "The three angels appeared to Abraham") by Antonello da Messina, executed between 1460 and 1465. Among the other paintings, draws attention to the large picture dated 1656, depicting the "Return of the Prodigal Son" by Mattia Preti. There are also paintings of '800 by Calabrian painters and Neapolitan School, including a work attributed to Luca Giordano depicting "Christ and the Adulteress". Among the works from San Giorgio Palace, 250 paintings by artists of the period between the first half '800 and the first half of the '900, many from Neapolitan School. Among the sculptures, as well as numerous marble busts, we must mention the copy of "Laooconte" by Bernini, found at the ancient Seminary.


From Tuesday to Sunday 09:30/12:30 a.m.; 4:30/7:30 p.m

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