Luogo - Museum

Museo dello Strumento Musicale

Where Viale D. Genoese Zerbi, Reggio Calabria

The Museum is built in the building once used by the State Railways as a station of Lido. The station building was renovated by the Association for the Protection of Cultural Musical Instrument, directed by Dr. Spagna. Initially the pieces, waiting to find permanent placement at present, were exposed in the stands of "Agrumaria Fair" and in the "Village Oasis Pentimele". The Museum displays about 800 tools divided into five instrumental families: idiofoni, membranophones, aerophones, cordofoni and mechanical-electrical. The museum was founded in order to preserve and enhance the tools and, at the same time, to study them. These musical instruments, from around the world, are also categorized based on the musical tradition of belonging: ethnic music, folk, western tradition "cultured".

Museo dello Strumento Musicale c
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