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Viale Santi Baldini, 4/a, Ravenna

Opened in 1985, the ZKP 2 of the Zeiss projected on a dome of eight meters in diameter the sky with about 5000 stars spread over the two hemispheres; the mobility of instruments allows you to show the sky at any latitude. They are also represented at a higher speed the apparent motions of the heavens and the succession of day and night. A model illustrating plant in the solar system with the band of the zodiac. Impressive simulation of the rain of falling stars, the vision of the planet Jupiter with the four Galilean satellites and the representation of a galaxy in rotation. Are projected on the dome of the most important elements of geography, astronomy and reference scales for the calculation of astronomical coordinates. On the south-east wall of the planetarium was made by Mario gnomonist Amaldi an impressive sundial. The terrace of the planetarium is used regularly for public comments.

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