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Lido di Classe

Where lido di classe, Ravenna

Lido di Classe is a seaside resort on Riviera Romagnola, part of the city of Ravenna delimited by Pineta di Classe. The name "Lido di Classe" comes from the place of Class, where there was ancient Roman harbor of great importance. Lido di Classe is frequented by families in search of a quiet place to spend the holidays. Bathing establishments cover the arenile and offer bathers a wide range of services. There are also free beaches, including a small stretch where dogs can be brought. They are in operation: an open-air cinema that also projects some recent movies, a children's playground, two games rooms and a sports center with tennis and soccer fields and mini-golf. In July and August, Naturae Festival has been organized since 2008, which promotes natural and cultural aspects of the resort.

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