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Circolo di Conversazione

Via Maria Paterno' Arezzo, 18-23, Ragusa

Also known as "Knights Cafè", is a rare example of a purpose-built to provide the aristocracy of the time a place to talk and entertain. Built in 1850 in the Neoclassical style, it spreads over one floor with three entrances framed by fluted pilasters with Doric capitals. The cornice is decorated with triglyphs and bas-reliefs with two winged women holding up a lamp and two sphinxes side. At the center, as the crown, it is placed the sign of the building, decorated by the emblem of the city and two anthropomorphic lions surrounded by a garland of flowers. The magnificent Ballroom shows a nineteenth-century frescoed ceiling by Tino Del Campo with an allegory of Arts and Sciences. Large mirrors with gilded frames overlooking the red damask sofa and a large chandelier in copper, made up of a pumpkin with its branches, complete the decor. The other rooms, equally prestigious, are dedicated to the game and reading. The garden makes the building one of the most attractive and exclusive of the city.

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