Point of interest

Circolo di Conversazione

Via Maria Paterno' Arezzo, 18-23, Ragusa

Also known as "Knights Cafè", is a rare example of a purpose-built to provide the aristocracy of the time a place to talk and entertain. Built in 1850 in the...

Religious building

Duomo di San Giorgio

Salita Duomo, 15, Ragusa

Old mother church of the city before 1693, stood at the east end of town, near the present Ibleo Garden. Severely damaged by the earthquake, it was decided to...

Point of interest

Ragusa Ibla

Piazza Duomo, 29, Ragusa

Ragusa Ibla, ancient town, from which develops the big new part of Ragusa, is located in the eastern part of the city, on a hill. After the earthquake of 1693, the...

Religious building

Chiesa delle Santissime Anime del Purgatorio

Piazza Repubblica, 2, Ragusa

It is located in Ragusa Ibla. It is built in the late Baroque style as a basilica with three naves. It was one of the few churches to resist the earthquake of 1693....

Historical building

Palazzo della Cancelleria

Salita Commendatore, Ragusa

Together with Itria's Church and Cosentini Palce, the building is the most important Baroque complex of the city. Built by Nicastro family in the first half of the...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Scale

Corso Mazzini, Ragusa

It is located between Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore, at the boundary between the two centers. After the earthquake of 1693 it was expanded and largely rebuilt...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Itria

Salita del Commentatore, 28, Ragusa

St. Mary's Church is a church of 1391, by order of Jerusalem of Malta. Built thanks to the Chiaramonte family, was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1693. The...


Castello di Donnafugata

C.da Donnafugata, 69, Ragusa

Donnafugata Castle is about 15 kilometers from Ragusa. This is a palatial aristocratic estate of the late '800, belonging to the Arezzo Spuches family. The building...

Historical building

Palazzo Cosentini

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, Ragusa

The construction of the building dates back to the eighteenth century, at the initiative of Baron Raffaele Cosentini. The building is located at the confluence of two...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Giuseppe

Piazza Pola, 9, Ragusa

St. Joseph's Church is located in Ragusa, in Pola Square, on the ruins of the St. Thomas's Church that was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1693. The work is...

Religious building

Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista

Via Roma, 130, Ragusa

Before the earthquake of 1693, the building stood under the walls of the Medieval castle, where now stands the St. Agnes's Church, built on the ruins of the late...

Point of interest

Giardino Ibleo

P.zza G. B. Odierna, 17, Ragusa

Ibleo Garden is the oldest of the four main gardens of Ragusa. The Villa was built in 1858 on the initiative of some local nobles and most of the people who worked to...