Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa delle Santissime Anime del Purgatorio

Where Piazza Repubblica, 2, Ragusa

It is located in Ragusa Ibla. It is built in the late Baroque style as a basilica with three naves. It was one of the few churches to resist the earthquake of 1693. The facade is characterized by a steep staircase that enhances and enriches the prospectus, consisting of two orders crowned by a pediment. The first order is divided into three parts by columns with Corinthian capitals resting on tall pedestals. In the central area is the entrance, carved with plant motifs, in which there are sculptures depicting the crowning souls in Purgatory. In side areas there are two false doors. Within ten stone columns with Corinthian capitals divide the three naves. The apse is two steps higher than the nave. The high altar, dating from the late eighteenth century, is made of polychrome marble. the great altarpiece is the work by Francesco Manno (called "the Francescone") of the eighteenth century.

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