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Via Margutta

Via Margutta, 31, Roma Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto

Margutta Street is a small street in the center of Rome, in the Campo Marzio district, the place of art galleries and restaurants, which formerly housed workshops and stables. In the fifties, after the movie "Roman Holiday", a road becomes exclusive residence of famous people, including Federico Fellini, Anna Magnani and Giorgio de Chirico. In the Middle Ages, an unknown artist established the first workshop of portraits, fountains and railings, giving rise to a thriving industry that attracted the migration of many artists. Margutta until 1600 was called Via dei Nari, named after the house of a family who had houses and land in that area. The current name should come from the nickname "Margutte" of a barber who had his shop in that street. "One hundred Painters in Via Margutta" is a usual event pictorial that, for several years, makes Margutta an outdoor gallery.