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Where Predappio (Forlì-Cesena)
Predappio is a town and comune in the province of Forlì-Cesena, in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, with a population of 6,362. The town is best known for being the birthplace of Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy from 1922 to 1943. Mussolini is also buried at Predappio, and his mausoleum is a local tourist destination, as well as a site of pilgrimage for Italian neo-Fascists. In April 2009, the town council banned the sale of fascist souvenirs. History From its origins (possibly Roman) until the 1920s, Predappio was a rural town of modest size, situated on the hills of Forlì. Augustus divided Italy into eleven provinces and Predappio was within the sixth province. It is believed that the town name derives from the installation in those locations of an ancient Roman family: the Appi. The town was so named Praesidium Domini Appi and abbreviated to Pre.DiAppi. Historically the town developed around the medieval castle, looking down the valley. Along the valley, about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from Predappio, the town was known as Dovia (probably a corruption of the local Roman Road Duo Via). Benito Mussolini was born in Predappio in 1883. After a landslide which hit the town and left many people homeless, it was decided to build a bigger, more prestigious township. The new town was built following the architectural dictates of the emerging new Fascist regime to celebrate the birthplace of Mussolini. Along with the nearby town of Forlì, Predappio was given the title of La Città del Duce (the City of the Duce ), and became a site of pilgrimage for Fascists, and more recently, neo-Fascists. Twin towns Breuna, Germany Kenderes, Hungary Notable people Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator from 1922 to 1943 (born 29 July 1883) References External links Official website (Italian) Short presentation of the municipality (English)
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