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Where Faenza (Ravenna)

Located on Via Emilia between Imola and Forlì, it is at the foot of Faentino Apennine and is the bishop's seat of the diocese of Faenza-Modigliana as well as historically known for its ceramic production. The city's most important monuments are collected in the two contiguous squares of the city, set up since 1313: Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Libertà. The first one houses Medieval Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo Manfredi (today the town hall), while the second is the Cathedral, opposite Portico degli Orefici and a monumental fountain with bronze sculptures from the 17th century. At the entrance to Piazza del Popolo is Clock Tower, a faithful post-war reconstruction of the seventeenth century. To visit in the surrounding area, Borgo Durbecco, whose first settlements date back to the eleventh century, where are Church of the Most Holy Annunciation, Church of Sant'Antonino, Commendation Church and Gate of Kay. On the fourth Sunday of June, however, Palio del Niballo is contested: historical re-enactment between the five districts of the city. This event is accompanied in the weeks before by "Bigorda", flag race and musicians. On the evening of January 5th is celebrated "Nott de bisò", another event related to Palio where traditional "Bisò", Vin Brulè, which gives the name to the party, is to be eaten.

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