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Villa Saffi

Where Via Firenze, 164 - loc. San Varano, Forlì (Forlì-Cesena)

Inseparable is the link of the site with the figure of Aurelio Saffi, first minister of the interior, then Triumvir of the Roman Republic, one of the fathers of the republican movement. He resided in this house from 1864 until 1890, the year of death. Beside him, his wife, Georgina Craufurd, whose presence is so discreet, how strong, important, hard-hitting for private and public events of her husband. Georgina also lived in the house until his death in 1911. Often was their guest close friend, Giuseppe Mazzini, whose remains are preserved in various environments memorabilia significant (the lovely portrait and the photo with a dedication to Nina, so Georgina was called in the family), or curious what her nightgown and slippers, or evidence of an affectionate and sodalità frequentazione.A San Varano also lived Horatia Catherine (Kate), an existence, its the shadow of sister Georgina and brother Aurelius, until he was buried with them. Kate Mazzini convinced and dedicated to the Italian cause, fed by Giuseppe Mazzini boundless admiration, perhaps, crossed into love. Among the descendants remember the grandson of Aurelio, Aurelio Henry, who spent most of the year in the villa. Degree in literature, he was Commissioner for the Academy of St. Cecilia, founder and director Vincenzo Cardarelli of the magazine "La Ronda" friend of the painter Natinguerra Amerigo Bartoli (1890-1971), who often resided in a villa and that he painted in trompe -l'oeil the so-called ping-pong room. The values ​​that permeated the family Saffi, into its components, also seem to shine through the rooms of the residence, from the simple but elegant furniture from a number of prints, including several Rosamond, by the many volumes placed in the libraries put a little 'in all environments, testimony to a cultural and civic remained unchanged for generations.

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