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Borgo Durbecco

Where borgo durbecco, Faenza (Ravenna)

Borgo Durbecco includes the territory beyond Ponte delle Grazie on Lamone river in Faenza. The main street of the village is Via Emilia, now Corso Europa. The first settlement of the village dates back to the 11th century. In 1313 Francesco Manfredi, Lord of Faenza, completed the construction of the bridge of Towers connecting Faenza with Borgo Durbecco, which was destroyed in 1842 by a riverbed of the river. Starting from the center of the city you will find the fifteenth-century Church of Ss. Annunziata, today devoted and used as an exhibition hall. Just behind is the Church of Sant'Antonino, built between 1721 and 1723 on the design by Giuseppe Antonio Soratini and annexed to a monastery. Continuing you will find the oldest building in the village, Commend Church, founded in the first half of the twelfth century. The village had a wall like the city wall. The only door still visible is Door of the Keys.

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