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Museo Nazionale dell'Età Neoclassica in Romagna (Palazzo Milzetti)

Where Via Tonducci, 15, Faenza (Ravenna)
The Palazzo Milzetti is the National Museum and represents the neoclassical age in Romagna. The neoclassical building is the result of the restructuring of an ancient building which took place between 1792 and 1808. Some of the greatest artists of the Italian neoclassicism period, like the architects Pistocchi Giuseppe and Antonio Antolini, the painter Felice Giani and his large number of students and collaborators as well as the sculptors and Giovan Antonio Trentanove and Giovan Battista Ballanti Graziani. Inside, the original decor remains and has been integrated with some recent acquisitions. Milzetti Palace, with much of the surrounding garden, was acquired by the State in 1974. Since 1984 it has been managed by the Department of Cultural Heritage of Bologna and since 2001 is the National Museum. It is a palace-museum representing the neoclassicism period which deeply influenced the States of the Church and in particular Faenza in Romagna, where the Palazzo Milzetti played an important cultural role in building territorial relations.


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