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Where VIA DELLA MOTTA, 16, Pordenone

The Museum, founded in 1970 by bringing together the scientific and natural heritage of the Naturalistic Society "Silvia Zenari", is hosed in the sixteenth century Palazzo Amalteo. The Museum includes permanent exhibitions of the "Halls of the Birds", which are placed in the collections of local and exotic species of "Oddo Arrigoni degli Oddi", including the colorful hummingbirds, the "Hall of the Dioramas", with reconstructions of habitats and local environments, the "Hall of Theatrum Naturae" and the "Room of Wonders". In the Prehistoric section there are reconstructions of two different moments of the Quaternary Italian: a diorama in which it was faithfully reconstructed the camp of Homo Erectus found in Isernia; a valuable painting and the impressive reconstruction of a mammoth and woolly rhinoceros. Interesting collection Rimoli, the most comprehensive collection of minerals of the Alpe Adria.

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