Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Romana del Casale (Sito UNESCO)

Where Contrada Casal, e, Piazza Armerina (Enna)

Piazza Armerina, city of art in the province of Enna, boasts among its beauties archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site of Villa Romana del Casale, dating back to the end of the fourth century AC. and belonged to a powerful Roman family. The imperial villa is a magnificent rural residence, famous for its state of preservation and the representations of the mosaics that decorate it. The lifestyle of the homeowner is celebrated by this series of floor and wall mosaics in all rooms of the house, showing stylistic influences from African art. In the mosaics different narrative cycles are distinguished: one dedicated to the mythology and Homeric poems, the other with references to nature and scenes of daily life of Roman aristocracy. The environments that can be visited are: the thermae area; the entrance porticoed court; the vestibule; the service areas, including "Piccola Caccia" room, "Grande Caccia" corridor and "Palestrite" room; the master apartments, with the mosaic of "Ulysses and Polyphemus", the room with "Love and Psyche", the "Myth of Arion", the room of "Eros and Pan"; the triclinium and the basilica.

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