Luogo - Historical building

Torre di Federico II

Where Via Torre di Federico, 88, Enna

Federico II's Tower is, together with Castle of Lombardy, the largest architectural symbol of the city of Enna, and its most imposing military bastion of Medieval age. It is part of military complex called "Old Castle", of which today there are some remains. Tower was designed by Riccardo Lentini and used as a summer residence of the Emperor during his stays in Sicily. Tower, 27 meters high, has an octagonal shape and stands on top of a wooded hill in a dominant position over a vast landscape. It presents in two large rooms, a ground floor and one on the first floor, with high vaulted ceilings and  typical elements of Norman architecture, such as arched windows. The floors are connected by a spiral staircase carved into the walls of the Tower that reaches to the top, where the view stretches in all directions of the city. The wooded area around it is used as a garden.

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