Luogo - Historical building

Teatro Garibaldi - Municipio

Where Via Marchese Mario Grimaldi, Enna

Built in 1872 at one with eighteenth Senatorial Palace, now Town Hall, Theater was built to a design by Giovanni Sberna, which provided for a capacity of 145 seats in the stalls and 132 in boxes arranged in three rows, taking care to keep available the atrium for the activities of the Municipal House. In 1929 it was decided the demolition of the wooden structures and the reconstruction of Theatre by reinforced concrete and brick, with a capacity of 360 seats and four tiers of boxes. Opened in 1932, new Theatre is distinguished by magnificent stucco, velvet and ceiling frescoes painted by Leopoldo Messina. After several closures and restoration, Theater reopened in 2010 with a concert by the brass band of the XII Battalion Carabinieri of Sicily. In the foyer houses the hall dedicated to musician Francesco Paolo Neglia, with original furniture donated by his family.

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