Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Maria SS. della Visitazione (Duomo)

Where Piazza Duomo, Enna

National Monument and "World Heritage" by UNESCO since 2008, Cathedral is one of the greatest expressions of art in the province of Enna and in Sicily. It is located in historic city center and imposes its majestic facade bell on Duomo Square. Built in fourteenth century on the ruins of Temple of Persephone and revamped about two centuries later, Cathedral has significant Corinthian columns, three naves and three apses, as well as valuable paintings and chandeliers. The main facade is accessed by a wide staircase topped by quadrangular bell tower dating from seventeenth century, decorated with cornices, reliefs and a huge bell known as "101 tons." On the left side, Door of Jubilee, excellent example of Sicilian Gothic style, with six columns and capitals decorated an arch surmounted by a statue of Madonna and Child with friezes. The interior has a Latin plant cross with three naves, divided by columns of black basalt with carved capitals by Gagini. Wooden ceiling is coffered, richly carved. Central chapel of the apse has a pompous stucco decoration, edited by Pietro Rosso. Chapel of Our Lady of Visitation, with stucco and polychrome marble, houses the precious simulacrum of Patron of the city. Sacristy, restored in 2006, is full of works, including a walnut wardrobe depicting scenes from Jesus's life and an altar dedicated to St. Andrew, a marble washstand (1648), paintings by Pietro Novelli and a wonderful floor in polychrome majolica.

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