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Valsugana, Pergine Valsugana, (Trento)

Valsugana is a valley of south-eastern Trentino bordering the provinces of Vicenza and Belluno. Its trend east-west is marked by the flow of Brenta river, which originates from the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo and goes to Adriatic. The villages that are in Valley are Pergine Valsugana, Levico Terme, Borgo Valsugana, Grigno, Roncegno and Strigno. Near Pergine it was discovered a village of the fifth century BC belonging to Reti, ancient population of Alps. At the time of Roman Empire, along Valsugana transiting Claudia Augusta Altinate road, an important road to Adriatic Sea. During  Middle Ages the area was dominated by Lombards of Duchy of Trento. A witness to the impact of Great War on the valley there is the presence of numerous military forts: Forte Vezzena, Forte San Biagio, Tenna Forte and Forte Belvedere Lavarone are the most famous and the best preserved.

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