Punto di Interesse

Teatro Cesare Caporali

Via Cesare Caporali, 16, Panicale, (Perugia)

Caporali TheaterThe Teatro Caporali is inside the historical center of the burgh of Panicale. It deserves a visit for both the elegance of its internal structure,...


Museo del Tulle "Anita Belleschi Grifoni"

Piazza Regina Margherita, 5/A, Panicale, (Perugia)

"Anita Belleschi Grifoni" Tulle MuseumInaugurated in 2001, the Museo del Tulle "Anita Belleschi Grifoni" has its premises in the 1500s Church of Sant'Agostino, in...


Circuito museale aperto: Palazzo della Corgna e Fortezza Medievale

Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 1, Panicale, (Perugia)

Open Museum Circuit – Della Corgna Palace and Medieval FortressThe Palazzo della Corgna and the Fortezza Medievale are part of the Circuito Museale Aperto, of...


Pinacoteca Mariottini

Via Pietro Vannucci, 1, Panicale, (Perugia)

Mariottini Art GalleryArranged inside the Municipal Palace of Panicale, the Pinacoteca Mariottini is composed of a collection—of thirty-one canvases,...


Chiesa di San Sebastiano

Via Belvedere, Panicale, (Perugia)

Church of San SebastianoThe Church of San Sebastiano is located near Piazza Umberto I, in Panicale. The edifice was built between the end of the 14th and the...


Museo della Madonna della Sbarra

Via Roma, Panicale, (Perugia)

Madonna della Sbarra MuseumThe Museo della Madonna della Sbarra is hosted inside the homonymous Church, which stands right outside the burgh of Panicale, along...