Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Giulio

Where Via Basilica, 54, Orta San Giulio (Novara)

According to tradition, Church was founded by St. Giulio. According to legend, around 390 Saint reached the island sailing on his cloak and freed it from the dragons. In Medieval period strategic position made the island important defensive place for Longobard. The facade can be seen sailing on the lake, it has a Romanesque appearance despite changes seventeenth century with the construction of a portico surmounted by a large window. Two pilasters framing the entrance to the roof. The entrance is on the south side, almost hidden from ancient Bishop's Palace (now the convent of nuns). Basilica is bordered by three semicircular apses. Romanesque bell tower is located in the detached position and is divided into six floors.

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