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Isola di San Giulio

Where Via Basilica, 5, Orta San Giulio (Novara)

San Giulio's Island is the only island in Orta Lake, in the province of Novara. It is almost entirely taken from Mater Ecclesiae Abbey. In 1219 bishops of Novara assumed full sovereignty over territory, electing Isle religious and administrative center. A pedestrian street along entire perimeter of the island, along old houses of canons and one of the oldest dwellings, which was by Cesare Augusto Tallone, piano maker. On the island is set short novel by Gianni Rodari "There was twice Baron Lamberto, or, The mysteries of San Giulio's Island". Island is mentioned several times in the book "Number Zero" by Umberto Eco, and was chosen as location for "La corrispondenza" by Giuseppe Tornatore.

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