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Where Via Ferisanto, Morano Calabro (Cosenza)

Inserted in the circuit of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy", it is one of the main centers of the Pollino National Park. Founded by Roman (second century BC), the village is first mentioned as Muranum, station of Via Popilia, on a milestone, the so-called Lapis Pollae. In the early Middle Ages, during the Saracen invasions of the ninth century, Morano won the "Battle of Petrafòcu" annually remembered in a historical commemoration (Feast of the Flag) as a symbol of town independence, as well as the coat of arms. The old core of the city center is perched on a hill of conical shape, on top of which are the ruins of the Norman-Swabian Castle. The town descends from the top to the base of the hill, with the houses that seem attached each to other in a Medieval defensive structure. The district of Vigna della Signora, formerly called "lo burgo", outside the city walls, is instead century.

* Michela Mele, Morano Calabro (passeggiate in luoghi d'arte), Morano Calabro, 1997
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