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Monterosso al Mare (Sito UNESCO Cinque Terre)

Where Monterosso al Mare (La Spezia)

Monterosso al Mare is located in the center of a small natural gulf protected by modest artificial reef in Riviera of Spezia. It is the westernmost part of Cinque Terre. To the west of original hamlet, beyond Colle dei Cappuccini, lies the village of Fegina, a relatively modern natural expansion and characterized by a tourist-bathing establishment compared to ancient village, which can be reached via a tunnel of a few tens of meters. The oldest part of the village is collected below the Castle, in Buranco torrent valley. Among the buildings of historical and cultural interest, in addition to the Church of St. John the Baptist and Torre Aurora, there is Villa Montale, summer residence of Nobel Prize for Literature Eugenio Montale.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di Lee & Chantelle McArthur from SMiths, Bermuda - A beach in Monterosso, CC BY 2.0, c
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