Luogo - Museum

Pinacoteca civica "Corrado Pellini"

Where PIAZZA DEL COMUNE, 5, Montelupone (Macerata)

The gallery is housed in the fourteenth-century Palazzetto del Podestà. The objects that form the collection come, as elsewhere, from churches throughout the area, especially from the convent of San Francesco, and came into the town’s possession following the suppression of religious orders. There are archaeological finds, furniture, sculptures, liturgical objects, besides paintings dating mainly from the seventeenth century. Of great value is the canvas of the Immaculate Conception, by Flemish painter Ernst Van Schayck, dated 1631. There are also a significant number of works from private collections or produced by artists from Montelupone. The museum itinerary is completed by visits to the perfectly preserved 1300-1400s town centre, to the San Francesco and collegiate churches, where there are two rare altarpieces by the sixteenth-century painter Antonio da Faenza, and to the Museo di Arti e Mestieri Antichi.

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