Museo Diocesano Molfetta - Museo-Pinacoteca

Via Entica della Chiesa, Molfetta, (Bari)
The Museum is housed in the elegant surroundings of the Episcopal Seminary of Molfetta which was already the Jesuit College, built from 1610. In fact, they were the Jesuits to launch an important cultural activity in the Adriatic town. Already in the 30s of 1800, Bishop Filippo Giudice Caracciolo ordered the construction of some museum rooms here with the first collection of archaeological material from Pulo of Molfetta which belonged to G. M. Giovene, an Archpriest and scholar of Molfetta (1753-1837). Later, the collection was enriched by discoveries from archaeological sites of Terlizzi and Bisceglie, collected from the Archdeacon Francis Samarelli and by donations from private collectors (Cascarano - de Tritium). After a period of stasis, its reopening was due to Monsignor Achille Salvucci (1935-1978) and the establishment of the Museum – Art Gallery in 1980 due to Bishop Aldo Garcia. In the following years, after the expansion of the museum, the Diocesan Museum has had several renovations up until the current reorganisation intended by Bishop Louis Martella, who has had it returned to public availability on 18th June 2009 and assigned to a cooperative of young people who have held its management since January 2010.

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