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Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini

Where Via Emilia Est, 756, Modena

It is said that Stanguellini's art consisted of making his automobiles very light, an admirable example of economizing space through ceaseless chiseling and perforating, all aimed at a single end: speed. The Stanguellini racing team was created in 1925 and, first by modifying automobiles created by others and then by entirely constructing splendid cars, it began an extraordinary succession of victories in the most important competitions of the times, such as the Targa Florio and the Mille Miglia, and in various European championships, soon reaching worldwide fame. In the fascinating Stanguellini Museum founded in 1996 by Francesco, Vittorio's son, visitors can survey the automobile vicissitudes of this family of historic manufacturers, admiring their finest cars, motorcycles, accessories, photographs, reviews and the advertising material of the epoch. Outstanding among the thirty or so most important automobiles are the first Sport 750s and 1100s of Fiat derivation, the Stanguellini Junior 1100 which won the Montecarlo Gran Prix and achieved highly satisfactory results in the Italian championship, the Stanguellini-Guzzi Colibrì, in which on October 9, 1963, Angelo Poggio and Pietro Campanella set a series of records at Monza, and many other masterpieces of this proud Modenese family.

Via Emilia Est, 756 - 41100 Modena
Tel. +39 059 361105
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-12.30 am /3-6.30 pm
Appointments are advisable, Saturday by appointment only.

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