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Museo del combattente di Modena

Where Viale Carlo Sigonio, 54, Modena

Ordered in some quarters at the House of the Mutilated, headquarters of the National Association of Combatants and Veterans, the museum dedicated to the two World Wars officially sees the light in 1995, although the formation of the collection date to the early seventies. More than six thousand photographs warlike documenting various fronts, imprisonment, moments of resistance and disasters produced by the bombings. Over nine hundred objects make up the museum's holdings: coins and ration cards, tools from the prison camps, uniforms, coats of '15 -'18, pith helmets, equipment war. The exhibition also includes a bicycle original of 1912, the equipment of a soldier skier and divided partisan officer Enrico Marabini, silver medal for the battle of Bezzecca, in 1866. For its singularity stands collecting tins from soldier bearing written and engravings, which return to the visitor memory "alive" the hard daily life during military conflicts.

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