Antiquarium "Alda levi"

Via E. De Amicis 17, Milano

The Antiquarium of Milan "Alda Levi", adjacent to the Roman amphitheater, was opened in 2004, together with the Park. It's located in the city center and exhibits the history of the amphitheater on the basis of the latest archaeological investigations conducted in the district. The Museum is housed in a former convent of Dominican nuns, between the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria and the archaeological area. The Antiquarium is also dedicated to the archaeologist Alda Levi, who lent her activities in Milan from 1925 to 1939, when she was released from service because of the racial laws of 1938. It is divided into two rooms mainly illustrating daily life in the Roman period, a small exhibition of medieval times and a section dedicated to the shows in the near gladiatorial amphitheater with reconstructions and materials recovered from recent archaeological excavations, the latter came in part from Sambon collection, exhibited previously at the Scala Theatre Museum.

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