Luogo - Museum

Museo popoli e culture

Where Via Mosè Bianchi, 94, Milano

The Museum was opened in 1910 as "Ethnographic Museum Indo-Chinese", thanks to a first group of Melanesian objects belonging to Father Carlo Salerio (1827-1870), then went almost entirely destroyed during the Second World War. Always a missionary, Father Simeon Volonteri (1831-1904), was responsible for the acquisition of a second group of artifacts from China, among which a map painted on silk of Henan Province. The third and most important nucleus is attributed to Father Raphael Sweaters (1891-1953) thanks to the archaeological excavations that he always conducted in China. Enriched more and more over the years, the Museum was moved to its new headquarters in 1974, and subsequently restored, got its current name.


Closed Sundays and holidays.


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