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Museo degli strumenti musicali

Where Piazza Castello, ?, Milano

The Museum of Musical Instruments was founded in 1957 with the union of 270 instruments of the Gallini Collection with other already in possession of the City, for a total of 358 instruments, arranged at Morando Palace, Museum of Milan since 1959. In 1961 an additional purchase of 150 string and keyboard, involved the transfer of the collection at the Sforzesco Castle. The works were divided between the Room of Balla, destined mainly on keyboards, and the adjacent one, where they found place string instruments, wind instruments and ethnographic. In the path should be reported two relevant moments: the publication, in 1997, of the scientific catalog of all instruments; and the arrival, in 2000, of a donation by the Music Foundation "Antonio Monzino", which led to the Museum eighty instruments collected by the family of luthiers in Milan between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries.

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