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Gabinetto dei disegni

Where Piazza Castello, Milano

Belonging to the considerable artistic collections of the Castello Sforzesco, the Institute maintains more than twenty-seven thousand specimens from the fifteenth to the twentieth century: from preliminary drawings to the creation of figurative works, architectural and decorative arts, drawings of autonomous artistic value. The formation of the collection dates back to the nineteenth century linked by Pompeo Marchesi, Antonio Gascon, Gian Giacomo Bolognini Attendolo, Camillo Tanzi. For subsequent acquisitions, should be mentioned the drawings from artists or collectors such as Carlo Amati, Luca Beltrami, Juan Bernasconi, Amero Cagnoni, Ausonius Canavese, Antonio Durini, Paul Gaffney, Victor Grubicy, Gaspare Gussoni, Joseph Beetles, brothers Mora, Pompey Mariani, Alfonso Orombelli, Oreste Silvestri, Luigi Alberico Trivulzio, Isaiah Zancone. There has been particularly notable figurative documents scope of Lombardy, Veneto and Venice, as well as nuclei crucial for the history of design from Neoclassicism to Futurism. Distinguishing between the sets of the Institute there are sheets that belonged to celebrated ancient connoisseur Giovanni Morelli; specimens preparatory Lombard painters of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries received by the Milanese church of Santa Maria presso San Celso; tomes with architectural designs of Baroque artists.

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