Fondazione Memoria della Deportazione c

Fondazione Memoria della Deportazione

Via Dogana, 3, Milano

The "Memory of the Deportation" Foundation - Library and Archive "Pina and Aldo Ravelli", established in 2003 by the National Association Former Deportees (ANED), is a research and documentation center that comes with the intention of axes cherish the memory of the deportation to Nazi camps and promoting, at the same time, historical research and education of new generations. Its heritage is based on the donation of a building and an economic contribution by Pina and Aldo Ravelli, deported to Mauthausen and Gusen. Among the archives of the Foundation: national ANED, Milan ANED and Italo Tibaldi Found (author of a list of all the Italian deportees in Nazi concentration camps), survived the Mauthausen concentration camp, in addition to the Felice Pirola, Giandomenico Panizza, Armando Sacchetta and Joseph Cammareri Founds. The Foundation has a library of about ten thousand volumes, which represents an organic collection of what was written in Italy and abroad on the deportation. The Foundation promotes educational initiatives and professional development.

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