Religious building

Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani

Via Castello a mare, Messina

Built between XII and XIII century under William the Good, on the remains of a pre-existing pagan temple dedicated to Neptune, was placed inside the walls of Castellammare. Under the reign of Peter III, he formed a Brotherhood of the Crown of Aragon, who was in charge of the maintenance and decoration of the Church. Towards the end of the fifteenth century, with the reunification of all the kingdoms under one Crown of Spain, they were also permitted Catalan merchants, from which got its current name, and this aggregation determined the construction of a new altar under the title Our Lady of Soledad. The prospect facing the Piazzetta Lepanto, in which is placed the late sixteenth century monument to Don John of Austria's Andrea Calamech, was demolished after the earthquake of 1908. The building blends beautifully Byzantine, Roman, Arab and Norman styles, as it appears from the apse, transept with a cylindrical dome with blind arches, in a chromatic geometries harmonic and lively.

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