Tesoro della Cattedrale c

Museo Tesoro del Duomo

Via San Giacomo, 2, Messina

Inside the Basilica Sanctuary was made the Museum Annibale Di Francia, inaugurated in the Holy Year of 2000. Its originality consists of the reconstruction in scale 1: 2 whole "Quarter Avignon", as it found Sant Hannibal in the first meeting with the poor who lived, commonly called "mignuri". The Museum was built in two years, on projects of the Architect Ing. Livio Lucà Trombetta, and repeats the figure and the work of illustrious city of Messina. The exhibition begins with a look that goes to the pulpit, already in the Sanctuary and now placed here after its renovation, completed in the year 1976. In the entrance hall, it can admire the designs of the architect Antonio Favaloro that, as a witness eye, faithfully reproduces the topography and the structure of the district. It adds so to admire the precious marble statue of the seventeenth century "Our Lady of Grace", signed by the Roman sculptor Vincenzo Tedeschi, that after the earthquake of 1783 was transported from the Church of Santa Restituta in the Annunziata near the stream Zaera.

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