Museo Cultura e Musica Popolare dei Peloritani

Via Basiliani, Messina

The Museum "Culture and Popular Music of Peloritani", active since 1996, is set up as an exemplar for the conservation and use of a significant portion of the assets of the Sicilian culture of oral tradition. In addition to rebuilding the long and complex organological history of popular musical instruments, sorted by the classic family of aerophones, cordofoni, membranophones and idiofoni, the exhibition highlights, with the aid of a rich iconographic, cards, educational information and video media with typical characteristics of each instrument, or occasions of use: ceremonial functions acquitted, the methods of construction and tuning techniques. The scenic journey through the instrumental sounds of tradition, which has four rooms, also offers a multimedia space depth, articulated in a bibliography section, a digital video station and an area for listening to instrumental and vocal repertoires of celebration and work.

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