Historical building

Ex Convento degli Agostiniani

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Melpignano, (Lecce)

The Monastery was built starting in 1573 by the Order of the Augustinians. In 1638, it was renovated by architect Giuseppe Zimbalo. The Church was completed in 1662,...

Religious building

Duomo di San Giorgio

Piazza San Giorgio, 6, Melpignano, (Lecce)

The Cathedral of San Giorgio is the result of a substantial restoration and extension work carried out between 1785 and 1794 on the ancient parish church from the...

Point of interest

Centro storico

Melpignano, (Lecce)

Part of the Club "Authentic Italian Villages" and  "Virtuous Towns" Association, for the ecologically sustainable management of the territory, Melpignano historic...