Ricordo della Tradizione (Barletta Nausica)

Via Annunziata, 77, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The work is composed of a series of tiles, painted using a modular element that belongs to Marano Principato’s culture and tradition. The work aims to represent to...

Recicle (D’Agostino Diego)

Bisciglietto , 1627, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The work is a reproposition of a toroid, a shape present in the structures that compose the Universe, whether they are an athom, a living being, a planet, a Galaxy or...

“La terra è un Paradiso, l’Inferno è non accorgersene…” (Bro)

Via Giorni, 24, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

“Earth is a Paradise, Hell is not being aware of it…” - Jorge Louis Borges. A statement that explains the concept of this work. Man in his being dominant, seeks...

Progetto di video arte (Mortelliti Rocco)

Annunziata (CAG C. Baccelli), Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The artist will film every single being that has a specific relationship with selected areas. The idea is the one of a project designed to be projected on two...

In terra aspetto (Movimentomilc)

Via Annunziata, 163, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

“In terra aspetto” (meaning ‘on Earth I’m waiting’) it’s a place where you can stop to think. You go beyond it, to break an imaginary border. You can wait...

Gea (Smirnova Olga)

Via Annunziata, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The sculpture’s name is “Gea”, meaning Earth, home and birth place of Humanity, often idolized through history. A being that looks at himself in a mirror,...

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Maria SS. Annunziata

Via Annunziata, 57, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

Ancient Parish Church of Maria SS. Annunziata was built by local craftsmen, although affected by the influences of different cultures. Its construction dates back to...

Cappella di S. Antonio

Via Annunziata, 77C, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

St. Anthony's Chapel dates back to 1869. It was built by the will of Molinari family, who had a desire to build a rural chapel open to the public in honor of Saint...

Monumento all'Emigrante

Via Annunziata, 164, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

Monumental fountain dedicated to the emigrants, bronze work by Caesar Baccelli. "Monument to the emigrant" want to take the human aspect of the town, telling the...

Monumento ai Caduti

Via Annunziata, 63, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

Monument composed by asymmetrically marble slabs arranged on several floors. At the center of the base is embedded a plaque with an inscription, the monument is...

A misura d’uomo (Cojocaru Victoria)

Via Savagli, 6, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The work is made by two elements: the first one develops on the space on the left of the wall and theoretically hints to the falling down of the elements represented....

Attraverso la porta (Mandoliti Roberta)

Via Piano delle Forche, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

Reality opens to imagination! The project that the artist wants to achieve consists of five wooden doors, painted in white. Open, closed, half-closed… the game of...

Marano Principato

Marano Principato is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. References


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