Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Maria SS. Annunziata

Where Corso Annunziata, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

Ancient Parish Church of Maria SS. Annunziata was built by local craftsmen, although affected by the influences of different cultures. Its construction dates back to the period between 1550 and 1666, a time when Marano settlement was made up of farmhouses and towers. Over the centuries the church was remodeled several times, until the earthquake of 1854, when it was decided to expand. In 1887 the bell tower was rebuilt, it was restored the roof and started a decorative cycle entrusted to the painters Raffaele and Michele Rinaldi, from San Fili. In the summer of 1909, it was completed the left aisle and marble altars. On the occasion of Feast of Mount Caramel, it was inaugurated the great organ built by Zurzoli from Crema. In 1911 the firm Broccoli from Cosenza placed new Calvary and concrete mosaic, while Crosses were performed by Esperito company from Naples.

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