Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Matrice di Santa Maria delle Grazie

Where Via Roma, 31, Linguaglossa (Catania)

Construction of Church began in 1613. The facade, probably designed by Filippo Vasta, it exploits two-tone shades of lava rock mixed to arenaria stone. Of recent times it is white steeple. The interior, with three naves, is rich in paintings of the nineteenth century: work by Leonardo Grasso is probably "San Giovanni Battista". Behind the altar there is wide and monumental wooden choir of 1728, carved friezes, reliefs and sculptures in the round: each back has a bas-relief with a scene from Jesus's life, work by Giuseppe Turrisi, Giacomo Cirelli and Michele and Pitro Orlando brothers from Trapani. In the transept, above, are two frescoes depicting each "The pagan sacrifice and Christian prayer", the other "Moses and the Brazen Serpent", almost certainly works by Giuseppe Grasso Naso. Interesting are parish archives, votive and a fine collection of vestments.

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