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Where Linguaglossa (Catania)

It is one of the municipalities of Etna Park and its territory extends to the top of the volcano including wide Ragabo pine forest. The first document that mentioned Linguaglossa dates back to 1145. Until the sixteenth 12 century existed in the country eighteen churches, many of which have now disappeared. Mother Church retains an eighteenth-century wooden choir and several altars with important paintings. St. Egidio Abate’s Church, Patron of Linguaglossa after miraculously saved the population from Etna eruption, it is the oldest in the country and has in the transept seventeenth century frescoes. The main streets are paved with traditional lava flagstone. In the town there are two large gardens: Villa Giovanni Milana, home to Fountain of Twelve Mori, with water features, and Villa dei Vespri Siciliani. You can visit all year Ethnographic Museum and some related exhibitions. The economy, which has been producing wine, nuts, wood and gummy resin derived from Ragabo pine wood, today also looks to tourism offering tours to the volcano and winter sports. In ancient times the snow was also a source of income: preserved into nieviere until the summer, was sold back to the cafe of Catania for the preparation of slush and also used for medical needs.

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