Luogo - Park

Parco del Monte Etna (Sito UNESCO)

Where Via dei Benedettini, Nicolosi (Catania)

Natural Protected Area established in 1987. In the summit area of ​​the volcano there is no type of vegetation, as on recent lava no seed can sprout. Around 2000 meters you will meet the Pino Loricto, the Betula aetnensis, beech, and, further down, also chestnut and olive. Along with this vegetation coexists the Etna Broom. In the hills meet the vineyards of Nerello, from which it produces DOC wine. The remarkable richness of the soil has allowed the development of a rich agricultural variety, especially in the northeast. The volcano live porcupines, foxes, wild cats and martens. Among the points of interest, we note the Ice Cave: a cave of lava flow that has within it a temperature that does not exceed my -6 ° C, with permafrost inside. A train of Circumetnea Railway circumnavigates the ring lower slopes of the Park. From all the municipalities of the territory of the protected area you can access the Park by mule tracks or trails.

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