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Dipartimento di Botanica e Orto Botanico

Where Via A. Longo, 19, Catania
The Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​about 16,000 sq m to 75 m above sea level, on soils of volcanic origin in part (lavas from the Roman era) and partly alluvial; The climate is sub-humid thermomediterranean (average annual rainfall 732 mm, mean annual temperature 18 C). 
The area is divided in Hortus Generalis (13,000 sqm), which contains mainly exotic plants, and Hortus Siculus (3000 square meters), for the cultivation of wild species in Sicily. 
The Hortus Generalis, in formal style or Italian style, is divided by twenty-two geometrical orthogonal avenues bordered by wide stone steps cut from limestone; the regularity of the forms is accentuated by the presence of three circular tanks, used for the cultivation of aquatic plants. 
The Hortus Siculus, with its collection of wild plants of the island, is a distinctive area. A recent renovation has allowed the creation of diversified areas in which they played some typical Mediterranean environments (dune environment, rock gardens, wetlands, forest and maquis). In these environments, along with plants common and widespread species are extremely rare in Sicily.
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