Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo degli Elefanti

Where Via Etnea, 28, Catania

The Palace, which houses the Town Hall of Catania, is located on the north side of Duomo Square. Its construction dates back to 1696, just after the earthquake, under the initial guidance of Giovan Battista Lombard, while the facades east, south and west were designed by Giovan Battista Vaccarini and north by Carmelo Battaglia. The grand staircase that opens onto the courtyard was added in the nineteenth century by Stefano Ittar. Inside is a quadrangular courtyard with porches on two sides. In the entrance hall are preserved two eighteenth century carriages, including one used during the celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint Agatha. In the main hall on the first floor are paintings by painter Giuseppe Sciuti.

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