Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Carlo Felice

Where Galleria Giuseppe Siri, Genova

Carlo Felice is the main Theater of Genoa, one of the most famous in Italy. They are held in the season of opera and ballet and symphonic season, as well as recitals and various events. The Theater was inaugurated in 1828, in the presence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Carlo Felice and Maria Cristina of Savoy, with the opera by Vincenzo Bellini, "Bianca e Fernando". The bombings of the Second World War they destroyed the floors and sides in carpentry and, after various projects, the new Theater was opened only in 1981, based on an idea by the architects Aldo Rossi, Ignazio Gardella and Fabio Reinhart. The new Theater recovered part of the old structures (the Doric portico and stone porch decorated with original bas-reliefs), while it was completely new in the interior: in the niches of the main foyer are the frescoes by Aurelio Caminati; Raimondo Sirotti signature, instead, for colorful tapestries made by the historian laboratory Pinton, in Aubusson, France.

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